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Your personal dimensions of culture at work

This instrument is designed to help you better understand your personal dimensions of culture at work — and to better understand others in your organization and on your teams.

In order to create a common language for discussing cross-cultural communication styles – personally and with your team – this instrument helps you locate yourself on five dimensions of culture.

Why this?  Why now?  Why you?

International leaders communicate and influence across cultures. Persuasive communication and relationship-building takes place across global and regional borders, cultures, business lines, and native languages.

Failure to communicate cross-culturally can delay understanding, agreement, and a common approach to the task. The wide range of individual team member’s personal experience, expertise, and assumptions about how to deliver results and conduct business do not always align.

Face-to-face meetings are often a luxury. Email, video- and conference calls put added pressure on one’s ability to be understood, make the first impression, and build rapport.

Leaders accustomed to timely success become frustrated and impatient with the time and multiple steps it takes to win commitment and make real progress.

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