Helen is an exuberant and sought-after speaker on the subjects of executive leadership and leading organizational and team development. All of Helen’s presentations are designed to provide insights, a rich blend of research and lively case studies, and best practices to apply immediately.

Helen’s experience and research has led to a series of publications, programs, and speaking engagements regarding the science and art of Influence Across Boundaries: How to Succeed in a Global Business Environment, the subject of her book.

Popular Speaking Topics

Depending on the objectives of your session, Helen will work with you to design a speaking engagement that is right for you.

When Your Ability Influence Trumps Your Authority: What is Your Influence Strategy?  
In spite of your title, formal authority or status in a hierarchy, your ability to win rather than command the cooperation others is key. This discussion is designed to walk you through your influence strategy to identify those on whom you depend. You will be reminded of when and how to use rational and relational influence. Leave this session with new insights and tools to apply immediately to win cooperation and to influence the attitudes and behaviors of others toward a common goal.

Influence Across Boundaries: Delivering Results in a Complex International Organization
For those responsible for delivering results within a multi-national organization. Helen describes predictable dynamics of having multiple stakeholders, competing priorities, and the structural complexity baked-in to global organizations. Use this shared understanding and vocabulary to discuss the boundaries you encounter and the 5 practical resources you need to succeed.

Your Cross-Cultural Know-How: When Was the Last Time You Checked?
In a diverse and global social and business environment, “political correctness” is not the answer. You need motivation, skills, adaptability and a great sense of humor to communicate and collaborate across cultural boundaries. Helen focuses the discussion on how to develop and use your cultural intelligence to anticipate and effectively adapt to predictable cross-cultural dilemmas. Quickly recognize the dimensions of culture you and others embody and learn tools to adjust your influence strategy accordingly.

Practicing Collaboration and Conflict Management
Even the most seasoned executives struggle with managing conflict. With every goal comes the choice to compete or collaborate, compromise, avoid or accommodate. Unless you are on automatic pilot. The more your success depends on the cooperation of others, the greater the number of interests that must be considered. Add to this a complex business environment, competing priorities, need for collaboration and potential for conflict are put to the test within a complex multi-national teams. Identify best practices you can put in place to build collaboration, manage agreement before conflict begins, and confront conflict in a way that builds rather than destroys relationships.