Boards and executive teams meet to chart the future.

Why this?  Why now?

  • Strategic thinking and planning answer the question, “Why change?” and “Where are we headed?”
  • Answering these questions together helps to build confidence and to relieve the stress of feeling consumed by tactical emergencies.
  • Thinking critically about the future builds a foundation of shared understanding and personal meaning.

What does strategic thinking and planning look like?

  1. Build shared sense of urgency and commitment through participation in establishing targets for collective results.
  2. Reflect on important lessons learned about past “hits” and “misses”.
  3. Share perspectives and information about the trends in the internal and external business environment that impact your organization.
  4. Engage in possibilities thinking to surface strategies outside the worn list of tired and familiar answers.
  5. Reestablish clarity and agreement on the allocation of resources.
  6. Create an opportunity to ask for and offer help to meet requirements to achieve targeted results.
  7. Commit to follow-up to honestly assess, acknowledge and celebrate progress.