“I have been working with Helen Baxter Southworth as I complete my first book.  I’m a marketing and communications professional who writes a lot.  This is my first attempt at writing a memoir and the process has been daunting.  Helen is an incredible coach and listener who always responds with important insight that helps me reframe my negative thoughts and strip away the demotivating power of self doubt.  Helen keeps me focused and moving forward by holding me accountable and with unique, creative approaches that drive me to achieve my goals.”  

  ~ Communications Consultant and Aspiring Author 

“I have had the pleasure of working directly with Helen Baxter-Southworth on several projects over the past four years, including a team-building initiative for my senior executives, the creation of a collaboration model, and the integration of two business units. These were all very challenging assignments which required creative thinking, customized approaches and a high level of confidentiality. I am happy to say that Helen met or exceeded my expectations with all these projects.

Helen has been an objective advisor who has a solid understanding of business and industry. While Helen has many core strengths, I have found her strategic thinking capability to be superior. She is an expert in her field and I trust her explicitly.
I have confidence in the work Helen does keeping all of us intellectually honest.”

~ CEO, Financial Services

“I can’ tell you what a transformational experience meeting you and going through your program has been for me. I feel relieved now to know that my journey of greater awareness has commenced and that there is clarity in terms of knowing what I need to do to be whatever I can best be. Again, thank you for this pivotal life-altering experience and your fabulous guidance. I look forward to your continued coaching and our continued sharing.”

~ Relationship Manager, Global Technology, Software, India

“As I reflect on the many years I recall special people who have been a part of my success and you are truly one of them. We have worked on numerous projects together and been good thought partners to each other as well. While things have changed a lot at [Company] I trust that your fine work continues. You’ve garnered a terrific reputation as a person with great solutions, integrity and customer focus. I know I have relied on you for these very reasons, as have many others at [Company].”

~ Executive Vice President-Human Resources

“We engaged Helen to conduct two focused off-site retreats for our Board of Trustees. These retreats were meant to promote cohesion and open communication among board members and to strengthen confidence and commitment to the board’s direction, plans and actions.

This was a time of significant change for [Organization], facing financial and operational challenges due to devastating natural disasters and recent economic crisis. There was also renewed level of interest and activism on the Board and perception that changes in board and management governance were badly needed in several areas.

Helen did an outstanding job of coming up to speed quickly on [Organization], its issues and personalities involved on our Board. She asked for, got and assimilated a great deal of information in a short time, then used it creatively and well in conducting sessions with our board and senior staff.

The results of our sessions were well received and beyond my expectations. I recommend Helen without reservation as a facilitator for a board retreat or for other similar activities. She is intelligent, well organized, timely and diligent while at the same time completely pleasant and professional.”

~ President of Board of Trustees, Museum of Art

“When I engaged Helen I had recently transitioned from a position as information technology executive in a business of approximately 3,000 employees to a global organization of 300,000 employees. My new organization and IT support services had aggressive growth goals and demands for significant change. This new position immediately offered me the challenge of getting in front of significantly large groups to communicate not only the organization’s, but my own vision and strategy. Handling the dynamics of large group communication was the focus of my work with Helen. I had problems and needed guidance and advice to get through this. We worked to craft and clarify my message, how to bring my personality on the stage with me, my executive presence, and how to answer questions. We engaged my peers and direct reports to provide me with feedback and alternative sources of coaching.

I now speak before very large groups across cultures and disciplines and businesses several times a year. I ask for and get much better feedback. Regularly people say the difference is better communication on my part.”

~ Executive Vice President, Global Technology Services