Women lag far behind their male counterparts in attaining senior leadership positions in many large corporates. Despite years of advertising diversity goals that fail to hit the mark, women continue to be underrepresented in senior levels, while their male counterparts believe they are being systematically replaced by women. This is a double bind.            

We partner with companies who want to change that. 

There are many reasons women are less likely to be promoted — from that first management job through to senior executive. Our programs help you understand why and how that occurs uniquely in your organization. We show you how to lead the way forward. 

We design programs based on your company’s aspirational targets, your confidentially held baseline data, and our facilitated small group research. 

Our tailored approach provides insight that reveals habits and practices that once worked but no longer serve the future. Descriptions by junior and senior men and women of the unspoken rules about how to succeed and fail in your organization show what contributes to this dynamic. 

Our programs are grounded in leaders getting grounded in the research — the industry data related to your organization, the snapshot of your company’s current state, and best practices that have proven results. 

We support transition management. Our programs are designed to ensure women and men work together to address barriers and bolster new ways of doing business that lead to greater gender equity.   

Please contact us to learn more about our team and to discuss your goals.